Monday, December 10, 2018

Week 15 Semester Final Reflection/Progress on Final

Project is coming together, finally assembly has begun.  I am feeling more confident about have a working project for critique day.  I believe that my attention to small details will bring me through this project successfully with room to grow on.

Final Reflection 

Over the semester I have learned a technology that was previously very alien to me.  Having successfully completed the labs every time they were assigned gave me hope that I really could make it through the class.  My confidence was definitely shaky in this class, more so than any I have been in before. 

The sound project I felt was my first big hurdle.  Being able to incorporate a touch button was a big accomplishment, yet alone finishing the project at all.  It was a great experience and I now wonder how I can further push sound into my artwork.   

My final is not perfect by any means but at this point, it is a working project and I couldn't have asked for more.  I faced many challenges but reached out when I needed help, Electronic Art is out of my area of expertise but I would love to know/understand more about it.  The only way I think I will get to a confident point is with practice.

In the end, I cannot believe I made it to the end, this was the class I thought would do me in.  But, I persevered and made it through.  I wish I worked harder, longer and had more finished products but at this point in my experience I can only ask for progress, not perfection.

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