Monday, December 10, 2018

Week 13 Reflection- Thanksgiving Week

Met with Thomas for progress report/ help with final.  Sensor and LEDs are finally working as one.  I am feeling much better about progress on my final project.  I am interested to see where my work with fine details takes me while incorporating my use of found objects into the headpiece.  Time realization has set in and I will only be able to make a headpiece with hopes of a mask and dress for the future.  I would like to see a whole masquerade ball themed outfit via electronic art somewhere down the road. 

I opted for a more permanent solution than the breadboard fearing the wires coming loose on transport, I ordered a red board for aesthetics.  Thomas provided green boards and I will have options on deciding which are more aesthetically pleasing. 

Battery pack cover was also ordered for safety reasons.

I am on the track of getting the piece to look how I want it to look as well as function properly.

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