Sunday, September 9, 2018

Week 2 Reflection Post September 3-9

I went through many drafts on the body modification project feeling unsure in what direction I was going.  In the end, I went back to the first draft.  I have learned that maybe I should trust my judgment right out instead of back tracking and making things harder on myself.  I began to remember Professor Asmuth telling us to have fun with this when I was at my wits end.  This caused me to reflect and began trusting myself.  This project was a big learning experience, I shouldn't try so hard sometimes and just let it all happen.

I try my hardest to reflect and connect with given reading responses, the art and noise assignment being no different.  I have always connected emotion and art attempting to isolate a certain emotion for the viewer to feel.  Using noise will give another element of control, or lack their off, in a viewers reaction to a piece.  The uncertainty is intriguing to say the least.  I just hope I can keep up and thrive with the electrical aspect of it all.

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