Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Week 1 Reflection Post August 27-31

Venturing into Electronic Art has been intimidating but intriguing.  I have seen glimpses of hope with completing the exercises successfully.  Watching the video, having a partner and instructor assistance gave me the needed confidence to complete the first bread boarding exercise.  I know it will take all of my concentration and focus to get through this course, I am totally out of my element but willing to learn. 

Completing the throwies assignment was easier than I thought it would be.  I am glad I could build them without any hitches.  This was a fun assignment and I was able to see how the LED reacted with the opposites sides of the battery.

Thinking of an electronic adaptation I would like to have has harder than I thought.  I think that I would like to have mechanical wings so that I may fly away whenever I wanted.  The sky seem so freeing, I would really enjoy it at night.  Having other bird notifications would be interesting too, sharp talons and bird feet meant for landing.

The article was interesting but beyond even my sense of morbid curiosity.  I have seen the video of the poor elephant being zapped to death and it is difficult to watch.  I know that with technical advancements in science come benefits but I also know that unnecessary evils come as well.

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