Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Project 1: Noise of Art

Project #1 Noise Art
!!Critque October 1!!

Project 1: Noise Art 10points

build an electronic device from a plan by a internationally known sound artist, modify (circuit bend) the device, and design/build/integrate these parts into a final interface.
  • Concepts and Skills:
  • -intermediate experience with electronics theory(conduction, continuity, resistance, etc.)
  • -intermediate experience with prototyping on the breadborad, soldering
  • -intermediate experience with electronic components, printed circuit boards, diagramming
  • -intro to critical interface design, modification (modding), adaptation of existing tech, reductionist interface vs. poetic interface
  • -fun

  •  Build a kit device: Castro's Tactile Noise Machine. Students will breadboard their designs in order to discover a set of unique sounds and practice protyping and PCB construction techniques. Integrate the soldered version of the project into User Interface. Exploration of the User Interface as a critical, creative and/or artistic medium. Public Critique Evaluation.
Tactical Noise Circuit #1
  • Don't get annoyed
  • You're supposed to sound crazy and outlandish 
  • Electricity works when run through our body, conductive path from body attachment
  • Body becomes part of the project
  • Will learn how to read digrams
  • Soldering
  • oshpark order parts
  • Structure
    1. Get stuff
    2. Build on breadboard
    3. Alter the plan to see what happens (change conductor, add a wire, ect)
    4. Document alterations! Take pictures
    5. Bend the board
    6. Build base model, can solder right on top of other wire
    7. Burn up the products, experiment without fear
    8. Next, build base board with modifications

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