Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Day 8 19Sep18 Advanced Students Presentations

Advanced Student Presentation Advanced Students

  • Concepts and themes explored
  • Table with room for 6
  • Materials- be clear on what the project will be made of.  Experiment with materials first to know what reactions and results may be.
  • Budget
  • Goals
  • Light reflection - color reflection from the light
  • Wolfgang Laib - Bee Pollen MoMA
  • Magnet Wire
  • Conductive epoxy $$
  • Ensure scale is correct to keep presentation clear
  • Aesthetic choices
  • Sound- consider placement and effect on audience/participants
  • Found materials
  • Launchpad 
  • Present to the audience as if they know nothing about the subject be presented even if they do
  • Link explanation videos if necessary 
  • Ensure continuity of materials, if it's a costume, consider cosplay flow.
  • Get as much raw material, arduino, wires for weekly studies.  Solve technical problems before final assembly.  
  • Small achievable goals every week, proceed to succeed 
  • Movie: Frank
  • History behind the project, connect the pieces for the presentation
  • Wearable or not?
  • Decide on aesthetic
  • electric marionette 
  • martial arts
  • music box

Reading response for Dunn, connecting to project
Plan or disagree with own design
Where does it live?
What is it made of?
Don't just copy it, go further
Sketch for interface connecting to the project
Material culture, why certain materials

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